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where the fuck the overwatch thread at

Started by Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo, December 05, 2016, 03:03:44 AM

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Samus Aran

Now if only theyd confirm my headcanon about Genji being lizardkin!!


Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo


i keep meaning to play more but i got into it right when lindsay came to visit me lol

ill be more active soon

Samus Aran

Quote from: YPargh on December 21, 2016, 09:57:40 PM
Please ship Reaper and Soldier##

a lot of people do lol

mccree and hanzo is also a really popular ship

Big Goop

CLEARLY the only ship worth mentioning is D.Va and her mech

Samus Aran

or junkrat and his riptire

which is how i got my first play of the game

Big Goop


i can't believe i spent sixty god damn dollars on this game and i've only played dit like twice

Samus Aran

so my experiences with heroes so far i don't get many kills but i make a good shield for my teammates i guess plus it's really fun just boosting around

mccree: got some easy kills but also died so fast it's ridiculous

tracer: died even faster. i only tried her once though

roadhog: this guy is so easy to get cheap kills with, the chain is so fun

genji: really fun to play as but people target genji when they see him so even though i'm able to get kills pretty easily as this dude i also die really fast. also never really found a good time to try out the reflect ability, i usually forgot i have it. which means i played him completely wrong lol

junkrat: so fun wtf, this guy is chaos and i love it. his ultimate is ridiculously good. and i love the bear trap+mine combo. i actually got most of my good medals last night as junkrat, as well as my only play of the game.

bastion: i like easy kills but i also don't like everyone targeting me

haven't tried out anyone else yet

Samus Aran

But yeah we should have Boyah Overwatch nights!!

Big Goop

Quote from: Shinobu Oshino on December 22, 2016, 05:35:55 PM
But yeah we should have Boyah Overwatch nights!!
good luck. That may go over as well as anime night.

Big Goop

But if we do, I wanna play too. Me and Kaz could alternate


If you guys play on weekends I might play sometimes. Catching me on weekdays is a crapshoot

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

i play on weekends and im playing RTIGHT NOW!!!

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