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do u guys eat weeds with other ppl

Started by 6M69I69B9, July 01, 2016, 08:46:17 PM

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ok sometimes at night i go with a group of ppl called "wee eat weeds" i met them on craigslist and i mean i kno it can be gross but sometimes we break into peoples yards at night and we just pull and eat their weeds it's like we have a picinic at a nice suburban yard and we savor how good it is and the thrill is so huge lol when a dog barks we either bark with them or we run haha.  some times u can get caught for tresspassing and we run our serparate ways when some ppl are comign at us with their dogs lol.  but the main point of this is to relive the life of poor ppl that steal bread from stores so can get the gist of how bad they have it it's like osme sort of anthropology study except no consent (we don't condone rape), but we do it in a beneficial way that we take their weeds bc who likes weebs in the suburbs lol like man i love jesus.  if u want to join in u have to bring ur own ranch and crutons and bowl and tongues

also the types of grass is fun munching on too like some ppl have some indian grass and hgave the best fertilizer it is amazing.  we also pick up dog feces for free and throw them in their garbage containers
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Sounds like a great way to ingest some Roundup


this was totally not what i expected



I used to like to eat onion grass and wild strawberries as a kid though


i was hoping this was about edibles which i do eat with other people #420 #blazeit #legalizedit


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