first dumbphono ive ever had and im dumbstruck lmao

Started by 6M69I69B9, June 25, 2016, 05:08:21 AM

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how do i get service on unlocked older phones?  my first phone was a g720 with a prepaid kit two years ago so i know nothing about having an older phone nor getting service on it.

man i can't even use fkin wifi networks on this but w/e

but yeah ummm i got a sim card (from some seemingly shady site like h2owireless but idk much about it, they don't even have my specific town listed when i give them the area code i want service in [would it truly matter?]) and i tried to get service on it but had some issues.  im prob gonna get a sim card from us cellular or idk.  im mainly gonna use it for calling and texting BUT data would be cool.

i moved my sim card from my smartophono to my phono to see if anything would change but lol no service- i guess it won't be as simple as that idk lolo

but yeah the motorola razr v3xx what a BEAUTY and more aesthetically pleasing than a tablet phono

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i got a dumbphone and i been using the same simcard forever now, switched  it from an older phone. they both came from verizion.

might wanna check out a verizon store and ask them about it, get e verything [data included] unlimited for 30 a month at least w/ my plan..


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