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almost caved and bought a smartphone

Started by sc2020, April 16, 2016, 05:26:06 AM

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i knew what that phone would be just from the url
an azn friend of mine had that in highschool and i thought it was so darn cool


i also had it in high school

i was literally too cool for school


did yours have all the cool different menu themes like the one where you could have the cool thing orbiting around everything you selected

if that makes any sense to you


it made all the sense because i had that shit


damn in the pre smart phone era that was a pretty slick feature


get a juke, my recommendation based off of boognihs


it's e911 enabled so it's icky
if i have to put up with e911, i might as well get an iphoon



man now i kind of want to downgrade i miss the days of being[move] OFF THE GRID[/move]

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