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do u use discogs (discog thread)

Started by C.Mongler, October 17, 2015, 06:30:55 PM

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Samus Aran

yeah it took me an eternity to identify all my old shitty thrift store classic rock records. actually some of them i never even did quite identify correctly.


yeah my copy of fleetwood mac's rumours definitely isnt the one i have listed in my collection, but after googling the matrix number and sifting through about 25 discogs page i just said fuck it this one is close enough this record is worth maybe 3 dollars anyway lol

usually i add them to discogs myself if it's something that's legit not there (like this english chamber orchestra performing some luddy van i picked up), but yeah, i didnt feel like adding yet another variant to the like 150+ rumours has lol


Quote from: Sakura Kinomoto on October 28, 2015, 05:09:10 AM
thanks steal giggle;

probably my favorite emo record i own, not for the music on it but for sheer bragging rights, is TWIABP's joke "The World is a Beautiful Cat" lathe-cut EP
that is cool, i never got any of their april fools day gags, although i did end up with a second copy of whenever if ever 1st pressing /222 because the first one they sent me was slightly warped. both copies actually play fine, but i still don't know what i'm gonna do with the warped one!

my most 'braggable' item is probably the deafheaven demo cassette i bought at their second show. it sounds like trash but the median price on discogs is $115 so it's worth something i guess.


Quote from: C.Mongler on October 28, 2015, 09:48:38 AM
yeah i mean i do love the collect-ability, i think i was getting at your other point about how little info some pages have the require me to spend 5+ minutes on some records figuring out which one it is exactly. it's a bigger problem for shit thats older than like 20+ years when i pick up a used copy because then theres like 30 versions and im never really sure which it is especially when they are all pressed on black with the matrix being the only real identifier. i wish there was a way to better see the notes n shit on one page so i didnt have to have like 50 tabs open and go "nope, not that one *close*" for like 20 minutes
yeah i was doing the same for more than a few records. poor design choices on discogs' part.

Samus Aran

apparently, all my most valuable records, according to median sale prices on discogs, are boris records

which is not surprising as even when they are new, boris records tend to cost a lot.


yeah and they have a pretty loyal following


my list is almost done, i got to Bruce Springsteen and was like IM DONE FOR NOW cuz like fuck if i want to figure out what version of springsteen presses i have.

on that note, anyone got some recommendations for tight 7"? i have like no room for more 12" right now because my shelf is full and i know im gonna move in 9 months and i dont want to get another fucking shelf until that happens. my 7" box has room to grow like 8x what i have right now tho

u know what i like, u can see my discog. post hardcore, punkz, etc


i made an account but adding everything seems so tedious i doubt i'll ever do it
i have mal and hltb and those are difficult enough to maintain (not that i really do maintain them)


FINALLY finished my whole collection :)



picked this badboy up today

i need get around to putting my collection on discogs

Samus Aran

aw shit i haven't updated my discogs in ages gotta get on this


I ought to update my discogs (and plug in my record player lol)

Anyways my gf and I did an early Christmas and I got some killer records

Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
Elliott Smith - either/or

She says one more is coming too :)
All cool albums that I don't think I would have purchased on my own regard too

Samus Aran

When I bought Either/Or from Kill Rock Stars (the record label that holds Elliott's albums), they sent me a free Sleater-Kinney CD. They're a really cool label in general too, always keeping stuff in print.


Cool yeah I'm excited to throw it on.

Also gf just got me XO too. Good music to fuel my depression :)

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