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Have you ever contemplated suicide?

Started by Snowy, November 21, 2011, 01:49:17 PM

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I have changed so much in the last year.

Hell, in the last 3 months.


Quote from: bluaki on November 30, 2011, 01:06:29 AM
I don't want to be immensely social, but I at least want a few friends

I'm naturally quiet and I blame my psychological issues for elevating that to the point of being able to trust or otherwise effectively communicate with others giggle;

I feel like you and I could relate on a lot of things.


Yeah, for multiple reasons and most are ridiculous.


Quote from: Socks on November 30, 2011, 12:08:45 PM
I have a read a lot of visionaries declare that all youthful thought, while fruitful, is not a fully mature view. I can understand that completely now, as even a year ago I was so enamored by the philosophy that it was easy to modify the everyday realities.
But what is a fully mature view?


Quote from: Hippopo on December 04, 2011, 01:40:09 AM
But what is a fully mature view?

I am not entirely sure, but I feel progress has been made. The way I approach the world is a little bit more subdued and a little bit more resolved than what it used to be.


Absolutely not. Even if I go through the shittest day ever, I couldn't enduce physical pain to myself and end my life. There are times though I wish I was never born or I wish I was at least born under different circumstances (such as surroundings, status, etc.) but hey, I think at one point or another we've all had a thought like that.


Quote from: Socks on November 29, 2011, 09:36:45 PM
You misunderstood I never implied socialization was the impetus for development. Essentially, the focal point of all your efforts in 'bettering yourself'--whether alone or not--is to better humanity. Otherwise your jolly life is insignificant no matter how fucking happy you think you are.

Who cares if your life is insignificant? To you, it's all that matters. If you enjoy your life, I would argue that you've lived a meaningful life, regardless of it's content.


Quote from: MF Doom on December 16, 2011, 03:30:19 PM
Who cares if your life is insignificant? To you, it's all that matters. If you enjoy your life, I would argue that you've lived a meaningful life, regardless of it's content.

I don't think so. You can enjoy your life and have it be a complete waste and tragedy. Self satisfaction is not necessarily a measure of meaning. Some people are deluded. It is clear they follow morals and beliefs which are false in root and thus their life, regardless of it's content, is not meaningful at all, beyond the dimensions of a demented soul. I don't know if it is difficult to imagine what I meant when I say something is true, but in my head there is an instant vision of what I mean, and my heart knows that it is true. Surely you must conduct all of your affairs and business this way? I am always trying to figure out if something is true or not, before I really have done anything, and often there are other things which come along immediately. It is very easy to become distracted and lost, unless you know what you are looking for.

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Atheism is an excellent deterrent to suicide.
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Quote from: Nyerp on December 19, 2011, 06:17:45 PM

I don't know that I agree with him, but I can see how he could make that argument.

It gives more meaning to your one life to live and all that. You don't believe in an after life so when you die, you're gone and there is nothing more.


Quote from: Nyerp on December 19, 2011, 06:17:45 PM
Not believing in any sort of afterlife can cause a person to value their life more.

However, atheism doesn't necessarily mean a person can't believe in an afterlife, because they technically could.

Quote from: ncba93ivyase on June 18, 2014, 10:58:34 PMthis isa great post i will use it in my sig

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Even if a current view isn't mature, I think the directionality of the view is an important metric. I know I'm ok, but I'm making strides to grow in a direction that I can be proud of. That way I can be constantly adapting to the ever changing reality.

Quote from: Socks on January 04, 2011, 01:56:24 AM
pompous talk for my eyes water and quiver with a twitch like a little bitch

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Last year around April I was so happy that winter was over because winter made me feel sad (not winter, but my own self in winter making me feel sad) so I thought this winter I wouldn't do this same dumb thing but now I see a lot gets me down sometimes but it's all stupid game game game stuff

so I do my best to think about my problems and leaves and stuff floating down a river but I still have this temper and it's dumb so I try to do calming things and then I am more ok with being around, lately is how it goes
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So i said something fucked up the other night;
I was hanging out with my friends and someone decided to youtube "the bridge", a documentary of people jumping off the golden gate bridge, and there was this old geezer jumping, and I was like "that's the age that I'll commit suicide" and everyone was quiet. I meant it as a joke but I feel very awkward about how my friends must have perceived it, cuz you just don't say things like that out loud.
Quote from: reefer on November 30, 2007, 03:32:08 AM
No offense to her but she kinda doesn't know crap about shit

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