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Currently/just finished watching/reading anime/manga thread.

Started by Nyerp, June 09, 2011, 04:37:07 PM

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Samus Aran


just started reading prison school finally, i'm not much of a manga fan but i'm trying- plus i hate waiting for anime to be released when i know the manga's out.

anyway, i just started on the chapter where the anime left off.

also, currently watching JJBA: DIU still, kiznaiver, and rewatching darker than black


watched ERASED

[spoiler]pretty good for a "believe in the power of friendship!!!" anime, but it's still a power-of-friendship anime. where the main character has convenient time powers that are never explained. it's also a murder "mystery" with the most obvious killer ever

8/10 i guess[/spoiler]


im thinkin about pickin' up Berserk, i hear it's some good shit


why did wit studio make kabaneri instead of just finally fucking releasing attack on titan s2

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Samus Aran

Quote from: Nyerp on June 27, 2016, 04:15:13 PM
why did wit studio make kabaneri instead of just finally fucking releasing attack on titan s2

dunno lol, kabaneri is only okay. starts out strong and slowly gets weaker and dumber with each episode

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Well, one punch man is stupid....

I'm down with this show.


uugghhh the new berserk anime is sooooooooo fucking bad awdood;

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The Boy and the Beast.
really great.

It reminded me a bit of Spirited Away at first.
Mamoru Hosoda is seriously one of my favorite directors/writers.

He's 4 for 4

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Wow.  Uhh....

Akatsuki no Yona's second opening is... kinda bad.

Which is a shame, cause its first opening is really good

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Finished Akatsuki no Yona.

A very good series, but.... there's no real ending....

but speculation is because they will continue with a second season...
and they better.


danganronpa 3 was a mistake

i'm glad i never spent any money on the games (just watched lps of them) because it might have made me more invested in this anime. holy SHIT what a disappointment

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Funny. I've been hearing that people have been liking the anime.

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