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Personality Quiz FOR GAMERS

Started by Hiro, March 02, 2021, 01:19:16 AM

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But really this seems to have some research behind it.  hocuspocus;

I got The Bard:
QuoteBards are team players who want to chat and interact with other players in game worlds that are rich with lore, stories, discovery, and customization. For them, the game is a grand story that emerges from a community of players.

That seems about right for me, but it goes on to say that this type generally enjoys MMORPGs. I've never gotten to into one, partly because I don't want to pay for a subscription, but also because I find them a bit overwhelming.




I don't agree with the results much

I also got Bard despite getting 95% for competitive and selecting "not at all" for each option involving how much I enjoy cooperative play (8% community). Not sure why it thinks I'm a team player

Idk the games I play are way too spread between the 9 categories though so I can see why it would just pick a random one I guess


i got two?


Your primary (dominant) player type is the Slayer, but you also lean towards a secondary player type, the Bounty Hunter.

Slayers want to be the heroic protagonists in a cinematic story. They are solo gamers who enjoy highly curated narratives and slower-paced gameplay. They see games as highly interactive action movies to be experienced.

Bounty Hunters are solo, action-oriented explorers who want game worlds that they can make their own through customization and discovery. They also enjoy power progression and unleashing mayhem.

Your Gamer Motivation Profile :
Aggressive, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Gregarious, Deeply Immersed, and Inquisitive

^ sounds conflicting?  but so is life.






Mando Pandango

"Action-Oriented, Persistent, Relaxed, Social, and Immersed"

Quote from: Magyarorszag on August 22, 2018, 10:27:46 PMjesus absolute shitdicking christ, nu-boyah



Acrobats are solo gamers who primarily want to take on challenging gameplay and they want to practice over and over again until they can take on the most difficult missions and bosses in the game.

this is pretty much 100% accurate,  i'm a pretty 1 dimensional gamer tho so i guess it's not hard to figure out


damn lol i think that's the total opposite of mine


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