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series you'd like to see revived

Started by Hiro, December 17, 2018, 02:02:43 AM

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Custom Robo on the GameCube was a lot of fun, and I think they could definitely do something with that series again.
F Zero needs to happen but it would probably have to be changed a lot, maybe not a straightforward racing game, but a Burnout-style game with bounty hunting and whatnot?
Not exactly a series but Dokapon Kingdom was a lot of fun and I'd like to see another one of those.
FUCKING ADVANCE WARS JESUS even if they just did a mid-budget eShop exclusive I'd be ecstatic.
Elite Beat Agents/Ouendan would be a good fit for the Switch and I love that game so more please

Oh and i would suck somebody's dick to make a new Okami happen

don't let's

Age of Empires

Which supposedly is getting revived, but I'm not holding my breath


i'd like to see capcom attempt a mega man x revival like they've done multiple times with the classic series
new crash/spyro games could be good but that's way harder than just cashing in on remakes
a 3rd game in the rayman origins/legends series would be great


A new Skies of Arcadia
A new Legend of Dragoon

and, for the hell of it.... a new Skate Or Die


i agree w/ custom robo f zero and dokapon. in fact i totally forgot about dokapon kingdon- i should boot that up on my wii and try to get a game night going




Samus Aran




Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo




2D Metroid games,  please.  We all know Prime 4 is vapourware at this point

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