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Games you never thought you'd enjoy...but really do....

Started by ClassicTyler, November 29, 2018, 05:45:35 PM

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I'd have to say Earth Defense Force is the most recent, because while it's really not a good game, it's fun as hell with online multiplayer.

And now that all these games have been ported to Switch, I can say games like Dark Souls and Skyrim have been amazing games for me.



The hell you mean EDF isn't good?


...but seriously, Hot Shots Golf is a series for me


i thought i would never enjoy the mega man series because i perceived them as really hard old NES games that i'd probably give up on. but then, on a whim, i actually played them and found the difficulty to be much more manageable than i had previously thought


Yakuza. I thought it was some boring shit like Shenmu.

Turns out its some fucking AWESOME SHIT LIKE FIST OF THE FUCKING NORTH STAR (literally, if you pick up the FotNS game too)


Sadly League of Legends I spent a good 3-4 years of my life trapped inside that game when I never wanted to play it in the first place


Oh yeah that reminds me, I watched my friend play Dota for years and thought it was inane dumb shit

And then dota 2 came out and I tried it and 3,000 hours later here I am

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