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Does anyone know anything about knives

Started by antmaster5000, September 27, 2018, 08:11:24 AM

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Too bad applesauce isn't active he would be helpful

I've decided that a dedicated knife and not a multitool pocket knife would be really nice for camping. I don't even know where to start really but maybe boyagers have knives lol


I have concluded that boyagers do not know anything about knives


Quote from: antmaster5000 on September 27, 2018, 08:27:38 PMI have concluded that boyagers do not know anything about knives
they hurt when you get them on you


if anyone would know about knives it's @Lifetrends and @Hiro

Quote from: David on September 08, 2013, 01:03:08 PMBoyager with the best knives
     Winner: Snorkel
     Runner-up:   Hiro



Heres what i know about knives okay:

  • sharp
  • can cut bread
  • can cut veggies
  • dont put in mouth


I hear they can also cut meat and kill people


huh, you learn something new about knife every day


I also learned that I can spend $20 or $200 on a knife


I got a set of knives for like 40 bucks and they mostly work well except the serrated knife is shit

I will probably spend the same price on a solo serrated knife because I love crusty breads


I researched multitools when I got mine and also look at edc shit sometimes so I can probably help


I already spent $20 one that seems totally adequate haha


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