Is Google completely incapable of designing a phone?

Started by Magyarorszag, August 25, 2018, 10:56:06 AM

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Google's hardware event was today and other than the pricing (lmao) every announcement was 100% leaked beforehand.

  • The smaller Pixel 3 model starts at $799, which is up a whole $150 (23%) from last year's $649 Pixel 2.
  • The bigger Pixel 3 XL, which has that awful notch, starts at $899, which is up $50 from last year's $849 Pixel 2 XL.
  • Like last year, both Pixel models start at 64GB and upgrading to 128GB increases price another $100, for up to $999 for a Pixel 3 XL
  • Like last year, both Pixel models still have 4GB RAM
  • For exactly the same price as the Note 9, the Pixel 3 XL has less RAM, much bigger bezels, a huge notch, no SD slot, no pen, no headphone jack, a 25% smaller battery, and the same storage capacity (128GB) and SoC (in US)
  • At least they're bringing back Qi wireless charging, which Google adopted before anyone else with Nexus 4-6 but then removed from their phones for 3 years until Apple made it cool
  • Google is actually selling a Qi charger for $79
  • There was an updated Chromecast that leaked a while back that I guess is releasing today maybe but Google forgot to even announce it at today's hardware event
  • The Google Home Hub (basically Google's answer to the Echo Show, a Home glued to a 7" tablet) is $150
  • Google has the COURAGE to beat Apple at its own game by removing the headphone jack from its new 12-inch laptop/tablet hybrid device. It has only one USB-C port. Even Apple isn't ditching the headphone jack yet from any iPad or Macbook devices.
  • The Pixel Slate is a 12-inch ChromeOS tablet starting at $600 for 4GB/32GB/Celeron up to $1600 for 16GB/256GB/i7, plus another $200 for its keyboard folio (like MS Surface), plus yet another $100 for the same stylus last year's Pixelbook uses.

beforehand I was sorta considering upgrading from my Pixel 1 to a (small, non-notched) Pixel 3, but getting a Pixel 3 that's even on par with my Pixel 1 (which cost $650 when I bought it) costs $900 and the only difference I care about basically comes down to getting slimmer bezels (but with rounded screen corners, and not even close to Samsung's bezels) at the expense of a headphone jack.

By the way, Google supported video output over USB from their phones and tablets in 2013 and 2014. I'd hope they'll bring it back eventually, maybe to imitate Samsung's DeX, but maybe they're waiting for Apple to imitate it first since copying Apple is all they seem to do these days.

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