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octopath traveler thread

Started by C.Mongler, August 06, 2018, 01:07:41 PM

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25 hours in i have found it hard to care about any character with any sense of longevity lol

i've kinda taken a break from this, but when i come back to it my plan is to just fuckin plow through the game with my top tier dudes and come back and carry the 4 characters i let go to shit. grinding between chapters has become way too much of a chore lol


I've yet to have to "grind" in this game.


i mean the three chapter 2 characters i have left are levels are all levels 10-15 doing recommended level story quests of 22+ lol

i mean its doable since my primary party members are all like 35+ but its just more of a slog than grinding is. since basically the shit bird gets one shot immediately and i have to play the whole fight a man down

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ok so i got two more characters

Ophelia, which is maybe the lamest character yet. Run of the mill cute anime girl goin on an epic journey to fulfill her destiny. Also her guiding ability is fucking lame! Apothecary dude does a way better job at healing and can kick peoples ass. this chick sucks.

then i got the dancer who I dont remember her name rn but she is pretty cool. I enjoyed her story waaay more even tho she's almost the same character as Ophelia (as far as like, roles go. swap light for dark and add an actual weapon there u go)
I also really liked the design on her boss fight. that Hellswinger guy or whatever was a cool looking boss.

Now im in Cobblestone about to get another fighter, which judging by the ability will replace this beastmaster lady.

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ok so i got my last dude which was the scholar and his story was kind of lame but i think he might be the most usefull dude in the game

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Beat therion and alfyn's chapter 2 quests. Gonna work on Ophelia's now.


one day i'll hop back on this train

probs not til 2019 tho lol  saddood;

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