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Started by Samus Aran, July 27, 2018, 08:49:02 PM

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id watch your super metroid

Samus Aran

here's the thing though - super metroid is a really fucking hard speedrun. i would like to get back into it, but its difficulty as a speedrun game is a bit daunting and i'm having a lot of fun with mario rn

Samus Aran

yooo brought that sm64 down to 23:01!! even with tons of mistakes (died twice in HMC lmfao and also fucked up talon star and bowser fire sea a little bit)

the key is consistency. getting the general movement and strats down to the point where, even if you fuck up a bit here and there, you can continue to improve your overall time

i've pretty much got the first three worlds down pat. bowser 1 is still a bit slow but it's because i'm not yet comfortable with riskier strats. shifting sand land is SUPPOSED to be really easy but somehow even though i can do both stars perfectly when practicing, i end up choking during runs and losing like 30 seconds. same with the one star in lethal lava land. i lose like 10 seconds there every time because of some stupid mistake. hazy maze cave is usually fine, i messed up a lot in it this time tho.

honestly the biggest problem is the backwards long jump glitch. i'm still not consistent with it. sometimes i get it fast, sometimes i don't, and it's tough for me to feel like there's much i can do about it.

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