Is it possible to be straight after reading any french literature?

Started by sc2020, July 12, 2017, 10:13:06 PM

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I feel as if the French mind is in what puritans would call "degenerate", but that would be incorrect because they didn't degenerate at all. That's just their nature. If it's due to catholicism or the fact they're children of regicidists, I'm unsure, but they're books are fucked up.

While they've created many aesthetically pleasing works in all of the arts, as well as contributed much to science, politics, and philosophy, close contact with their minds can be damaging for the unsuspecting anglophone. The novel is probably the best form of expressing thought, and to read is pretty much a form of temporary brainwashing, so you're letting someone think for you for a few hours. So what happens when a good upstanding normal non-frenchman reads the thoughts, fantasies, philosophies, dreams, hopes, despairs, and everything else on human existence of a typical french man?

They become gay.

They're a progressive nation. They're comfortable in their social liberties as well as having left liberal welfarestate. They aren't afraid to court socialists. Basically, they're far ahead of USA in many factors. Lots of queer theory can be traced back to french philosophers, this includes lesbians and trans. For while we were killing indians in wooden cabins, they were already sodomizing.

Now, I want to make sure I am not implying some sort of moralizing force. The french mind is NOT degenerate, I'm just saying their literature will corrupt your brain and make you a sodomite.



do you have a particular novel in mind that's set off a few epigenetic triggers of yours ifeelbetter;

Quote from: SVT on July 12, 2017, 10:13:06 PM
and to read is pretty much a form of temporary brainwashing

this is basically impossible if you emotionally detach yourself from whatever media it is you're consuming


emotionally detaching yourself from a novel is reading less than half of it.



Quote from: SVT on July 12, 2017, 10:27:02 PM
emotionally detaching yourself from a novel is reading less than half of it.

i disagree

it's possible to acknowledge an emotion without allowing oneself to be consumed by it

i'm not suggesting that's an easy thing to train oneself to do


only the mentally ill are able to emotionally detach themselves and give themselves off to a horrific form of hyperreflexia to 'acknowledge their emotions without being consumed by them'

also I convinced myself of the French being degenerates some years ago when I ate 5 weed cookies with 5 hits of acid and cried on my aunts sofa during Christmasu after eating some tacos because I was unaware digestion had a really strong impact on drug potency

during my bad trip I analyzed my teen brain and was saddened it favored French poetry and French philosophy and traced my modernist tendencies down to bauldelaire's exploration of aestheticism where it glorified stylizing every faucet of your being (like a homosexuals or womyn's leaning toward fashion)

because I was psychotic at this time I thought this practice resulted from lack of ywyh where a human would mistake himself as alone and thus start to use creativity as a substitute figure for 'Creator' and start separating himself from others for the sake of aesthetics (you can apply this to other fields, like philosophy--another 'creative' branch that dismantles and destroys)

the French take pleasure in sensuality, in really excessive and violent forms of sensuality
their philosophies only make sense if you're a heathen and godless


Quote from: ا,,,ر,ة on July 13, 2017, 11:31:03 PM
only the mentally ill are able to emotionally detach themselves


in any case, i would argue that the ability to emotionally detach oneself can in and of itself be useful regardless of whether it's the product of mental illness

i'm not sure what your use of the word hyperreflexia means here


self consciousness that's aware of itself
useful for pagans probably


in any case, having just looked it up, wikipedia supports both of our claims

Quote from:
Emotional detachment can be a positive behavior which allows a person to react calmly to highly emotional circumstances/ individuals.

Emotional detachment often arises from psychological trauma and is a component in many anxiety and stress disorders.


i have had a terrible migraine and been dry heaving ever since i posted this thread. The french realize i have discovered their secret and are now attacking me with some sort of gay telepathic ray.



Proof: Of Montreal before and after Kevin Barnes reading George Bataille (sic?)

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