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do any of u nerds use mechanical keyboards

Started by antmaster5000, January 10, 2016, 12:22:57 AM

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Top board is my newest buy- magic force 87key with mx reds. Bottom is my Ducky Mini YotH with mx blues. Just got the magic force since I wanted my F keys and arrow keys not under a function layer. Also wanted some red switches since the blues were annoying for friends when online gaming. Loving the feel of reds now that I've gotten used to them- v smooth. Definitely my new daily driver.

I got the rainbow keys a while ago from AliExpress and Im glad I can finally use them (they looked ugly on the Ducky and I like the keycaps I have on it a lot). It's hard to capture on my phone but they look super sick when i have the keyboard backlighting on. Have another set of pink/blue keycaps from massdrop coming in (hopefully my last keyboard buy in a while lol) that I'll prob put on the 87key


i'll get a nice-ass keyboard when I have a good amount of disposable income

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yeah just remove the keycaps and wipe them down, then wipe around the sides of the keyboard and use compressed air

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