Anybody else kinda doomer about the past few yrs?

Started by 6M69I69B9, March 26, 2024, 05:41:28 PM

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The two wars going on have been pretty tragic, ESPECIALLY the Palestine vs Israel conflict in recent.

AI in its infancy making employment harder in some fields, most notably the arts and writing. It's also really sad how academia is becoming/can become.

Politics are a shitshow.
Groomer shit now being official from Nickelodeon is insane.

Because I'd been under health anxiety and enduring symptoms a lot from certain diagnoses, I'd been chronically online for a while and only now have been limiting time online. Like man I never used to block people, but now, especially with Twatter with the lewd ads, engagement/interaction baiting (even trying to farm clicks under popular posts with irrelevant content), it is completely more corporate than ever to be online as a viewer/general browser.

It was really fun when people posted shit for fun. But now people just have their lives online chronically. The weirdest part about this is when people film themselves doing good things for ppl and ppl don't see it as selfish content in some aspect. Not saying that content is all bad, but it's concerning how people seem to be more impressionable now.

Just my random 2c.
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Technology and globalism go hand and hand. If you want to be on the forefront of technology then you gotta be global

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yeah I feel that, tho there is part of me that is thinking whether there is actually more shitty stuff going on right now or was it always happening and are we only now getting more exposure to it because of how connected everything is. it's probably the former tbh or maybe a bit of both.

my general perspective is that yes it's a shitshow, but there are also a lot of great things going on in the area of advancements for humanity so idk there is positive and negative and i like to think that we are generally headed in a positive trajectory even if that's a bit optimistic. the whole wars and politics situation is a mess but also this isn't the worst it's been and things turned out in a positive direction eventually, tho that being said i really hope china don't do anything extremely stupid in the next few years.

i also realise that its easy to have this perspective from where i am in a safe, comfortable place in a 1st world country and i might not be saying the same things if i was e.g. living in a area of conflict where i have to fear for my life and the lives of those around me every waking second, but i can only look from where I am and at best be mindful of other angles i guess

I'm not gonna get too deep into academia slowly devolving into a pointless exercise to put meaningless stats on the board that offers no actual educational value to students or this post will become 10,000 words in and of itself, but I agree 100% and I feel like at this point the whole academic system really needs a hard reboot

re twatter and social media - i think the whole saturation of onlyfans accounts shameless posting nudes in the replies on any random post and the platform doing nothing about it is dire. sure there is a market for horny guys who are more than happy to subscribe to OF and it's a tried and tested business model that many OF people have made an obscene amount of money doing, but the fact that this is a thing at all idk gives me dire vibes like it is kinda like the whole gambling elements in video games thing where huge profits are being made by exploiting the sometimes very extreme addictions that afflict regular people that they actually need serious help with but instead they are taken advantage of..

not as fussed with the whole filming of oneself doing generous things on social media, some of it is incredibly tasteless and its very clear they don't care about actually helping at all and it def gives off strong "I'm doing nice things just so other people can see otherwise I wouldn't even consider it" vibes but at the end of the day I think if a generous act has been done  one way or another, then the outcome is a net positive


yeah definitely dooming a little

feeling very pessimistic about our climate outcome, microplastics, shit like that. also feel like AI is going to end up turning our society into some kind of scifi dystopia within the next 20 years, not super siked on that

but i am pretty happy with where i am at personally so idk i guess i just need to focus inwards for my own sanity

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