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Happy birthday [you]

Started by snoorkel, February 09, 2023, 04:44:48 PM

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hope you guys have been well

lol man I was literally getting back into normalcy with how I've been in the past few months, surgery went well, recovery has been going well.
but I had something happen to me recently after taking a certain med (tizanidine) that seems to have changed a few things, very jittery, ton of brain fog

gonna have an appointment with a doctor on this soon, but I really hope that nothing serious is going on
if these next string of appts go well, I'm probably going to be in the clear

jesus christ man, I literally felt like I was fine before May 6th, have 2 potential jobs, like lol I was inching to normalcy man
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I'm glad the surgery went well, I bet you're just still adjusting to after the surgery. You know recovery can take a bit longer to become seemingly normal again. Keep us updated.

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