Manifest Destiny: From Sea to Shining Sea, From Pole to Freezing Pole

Started by Kalahari Inkantation, July 03, 2018, 06:21:10 PM

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And from poll to freezing poll.

yes, it's time to reinstate manifest destiny southwards
1 (25%)
may as well take all of mexico at this point tbh
3 (75%)

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Kalahari Inkantation

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........eeeehhhh befuddlement

I'm going to have to say ABSOLUTELY not. thumbdown;

we just don't need all of canada for any reason whatsoever, lol

we don't need greenland

we don't want iceland

all of that would be exceedingly difficult and expensive to defend for a meager-at-best gain, it's just not NEARLY worth the cost

thank GOD d*nmark has given a resounding 'no' to tr*mp and all others who've been foolish enough to ask lol

Likewise, Yucatan State would be quite rad, but why Belize? huhdoodame;

not every english-speaking country in the western hemisphere needs to be "america" lol

bahamas and cuba YES, hispaniola NO (i mean just why huhdoodame;)

baja california YES, baja california sur NO (because it's an integral part of mexico)

And giving Sonora to the US just makes for an absolutely HIDEOUS southern border. ugly;

god, give it and baja california sur back to mexico immediately myface;

Leave Jamaica alone. psyduck;

And for God's sake, give the Rest of Canada™ back to Quebec at once.

Kalahari Inkantation


Well I suppose its redesign is triggered by the addition of states

Kalahari Inkantation

Kalahari Inkantation

Quote from: Kalahari Inkantation on July 10, 2018, 10:32:09 PM
Quote from: Ezloļŗ• on July 10, 2018, 06:25:33 PM-its policing of the world so that its companies could profit at the expense of the people living in lthe global south

the inflection point at 1950 is pretty much the direct result of globalism, an ideology first championed and popularized by the us

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