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smash bros. ultimate

Started by Samus Aran, June 12, 2018, 10:21:43 PM

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its fuckin ashley in smashley god dammit!!


Given some of the character suggestions people make (like fucking goku) I am quickly warming to the idea of Ashley


goku will be announced at a later date but not this direct


Samus Aran

its funny because goku is more likely than ever (which is still not likely at all) because of dbfz coming to switch


Not including Spring Man in SSB Ultimate would be about as silly as not including Inkling in SSB4 or its DLC akudood;

otherwise idk. Ashley and maybe Decidueye seem like somewhat reasonable suggestions I guess.
Even an indie game rep like Cave Story or Shovel Knight seems much more reasonable than a lot of the demands/predictions people make.

At least there's some good options for echo fighters. Hilda, some F-Zero racer, Octoling, etc.

Quote from: YPargh on August 07, 2018, 11:12:42 AMGiven some of the character suggestions people make (like fucking goku)
I'd love to see the reactions if some Dragon Quest character gets in and people think it's a Dragon Ball character because of the similar Toriyama designs sillydood;


I don't really want any arms characters but if they do put them in I hope they pull a Bowser Jr and let the alt costumes be the different characters rather than just spring man or ribbon girl


Samus Aran

still rooting for Isaac as i always have


Apparently a slight leak may point to Simon Belmont (or whoever from castlevania) as a playable character



Mando Pandango

Quote from: Samus Aran on August 07, 2018, 06:57:09 PMstill rooting for Isaac as i always have

There's so much in Golden Sun to work with in terms of creating a fun moveset, and just about everyone I know has played those games. I'm alarmed he's only ever been an assist trophy, and use fucking PUSH.

Ashley would be cool too. Or any WarioWare character, honestly, since they've always and to focus on the Wario universe in Smash but we've only ever really seen Wario.
Quote from: Magyarorszag on August 22, 2018, 10:27:46 PMjesus absolute shitdicking christ, nu-boyah


i want the unicycle from uniracers


there was a leak btw but the spoiler tag isnt working on boyah so ill let you find it if u want to know lol


Some guy had actually posted that he would be in the game along with Ridley and Inkling before anything was announced so it's been pretty likely for a while 

I'm happy because that character used to be pretty iconic for Nintendo

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