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February 20, 2018, 03:13:58 AM
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« Reply #570 on: January 28, 2018, 05:38:12 PM »

i was planning on starting that very soon too

i just now finished the new season of Black Mirror. god damn it was another great season. i do think that Arkangel and Metalhead were a bit lackluster compared to the rest of the episodes, though.

aaand i didn't quite like USS Callister as much as everyone else seemed to. mostly i just thought that the humor in it was a bit out of place for this show. it was still great though, maybe just not the perfect episode that so many people seem to claim it is.

i know a lot of people were also absolutely nuts over Hang the DJ. while i do think that episode is absolutely wonderful, i do feel like it drags on a bit. and it's not the "new San Junipero" that people make it out to be. SJ is a lot better.

but still, minor gripes and such. this season is overall fantastic just like every season before it. god i love this show.
agreed with all of that
just finished portlandia- way better than i thought itd be
about half way through the office. i'd watched it religiously until about season 5 (jim and pam getting married) and i am almost to that point again. excited for new to me content
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